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We have supplied market research services to a wide range of clients from global players, such as MSD Animal Health, John Deere and Syngenta to UK interests including CCF cooperative group, RSPCA Freedom Food and the Welsh Assembly Government.

Recent projects have included:

Market investigation and analysis of farmer and industry attitudes to animal welfare
  • An investigation of the role of farmer cooperatives in UK
    agriculture - farmer attitudes and expectations (2014)
  • Research & analysis of the market for farm insurance (2014)
  • Research of the international market for feed ingredients amongst
    pig and poultry feed manufacturers and integrators (2013)
  • An investigation of feeding practices & supplier loyalty amongst
    dairy and beef producers (2013)
  • Readership research for a livestock farming publication (2012)
  • An investigation of the potential market for feed probiotics (2012)
  • A survey into farmers' attitudes to the potential benefits of
    playing music to livestock (2012) – Read more
  • An investigation of quality assurance systems in the fresh meat and
    dairy sectors (2012)
Market investigation and analysis of farmer and industry attitudes to animal welfare
  • An investigation of market for machinery & equipment in UK grassland
    and forage production (2014)
  • Analysis of the UK farm market for ATVs (2013)
  • Concept test research for new timber harvesting equipment (2011)
  • Research to investigate the potential market for new combine
    harvester features (2011)
Market investigation and analysis of farmer and industry attitudes to animal welfare
  • Research into the potential markets for new herbicide products (2012
    & 2013)
  • An investigation of the use of cereal plant growth regulators (2012)
  • An investigation of weed control & management amongst UK cereal
    growers (2012)
  • An investigation of molluscicide use in the UK (2011)

An investigation of farmer and industry attitudes to a UK farm animal welfare assurance scheme plus research into the benefits of talking and playing music to livestock

In summer 2012, assisting in the development of awareness to RSPCA National Farm Animal Week, Agrifocus surveyed 250 farmers’ views on the benefits of talking or playing music to farm livestock. This light-hearted project captured public attention and was reported widely in the national media.

This followed research conducted in 2009, on behalf of Freedom Food, when Agrifocus delivered a comprehensive analysis of attitudes of members of the RSPCA Freedom Food labelling scheme

There were three research stages: farmer focus groups, a 200 farmer telephone survey plus 28 depth telephone interviews with food industry members (abattoirs, food processing companies & hauliers).

"I had only been in post less than two months when I first met Lesley and was on a steep learning curve. She took the brief and came back with an excellent plan to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research for us to understand in depth issues around how best to communicate with our 2,500 members. She then managed the project seamlessly and made an excellent presentation. We are now well placed to improve all areas of our communication with members and have a good insight into the issues facing members during these difficult times."
Marketing Controller, Freedom Food Ltd

An investigation of farmer expectations and levels of satisfaction with CCF cooperative group

Agrifocus worked with regional farmer cooperative, CCF Ltd.  The group wished to develop its understanding of how the organisation and its operations were perceived by member customers. The research took the form of focus groups with dairy farmers in November 2011.


"As a farmers’ supply co-operative we are always looking to find new and better ways of determining the expectations of our member customers . As a business we decided to set up some research and were recommended to Lesley at Agrifocus – from the initial meeting it was clear we had found a business that was professional in every aspect and detail and have no hesitation in commending Lesley and her team to others."
Keith Gosney, General Manager CCF Ltd

An investigation of flock health management practices in the UK

This project was conducted on behalf of a leading animal health manufacturer and was designed to identify and examine the range of farmer practices with regard to flock health management. The project comprised a series of focus groups in Wales, Scotland and the South West of England. A representative sample of hill, upland and lowland sheep producers took part in the research.

Sheep flock health management practices research and investigation
"This was the first project we assigned to Agrifocus. Lesley quickly picked up and understood the brief, took the initiative and provided leading guidance on the format and location of the focus groups. Her report was insightful and gave us a good foundation for making some key decisions for the portfolio."
Marketing Manager