For agribusiness

We have research expertise and access to sample databases covering all farm sectors and pride ourselves on tackling some of the more hard to reach respondents in B2B agribusiness:

  • Animal health biotechnology
  • Precision farming technology
  • Animal feed and nutrition
  • Plant breeding, protection & biotechnology
  • Livestock genetics
  • Dairy equipment
  • Arable & livestock machinery & equipment
  • Forestry
  • Fertilizers
  • Equestrian
  • Supply & distribution research

Typical areas of research include:

  • New product development studies
  • National/international market reviews
  • Company/product awareness studies
  • Distribution and supply chain research
  • Communications research
  • Investigations of stakeholder behaviour and attitude research
  • Pricing and branding research
Summaries of some

Case studies

Investigation of the potential market for precision farming technology in poultry production

A leading UK research based university.
Research objective
University academics commissioned research to guide their development of cutting edge precision technology with applications in commercial poultry production.  The research delivered detailed analysis of UK producer practice in measurement of production efficiency, animal welfare, key influences on current practice and interest in the technology under development. Study findings guided effective use of university budgets and resources through a greater understanding of market needs.
Research method
An initial phase of desk & online research was followed by 25 depth telephone interviews with poultry equipment manufacturers, poultry producers, consultants and integrators. We delivered a comprehensive report and personal presentation of findings to their research teams.

Feeding and purchasing practices amongst UK beef & dairy farmers

National feed manufacturer.
Research objective
Agrifocus was commissioned to investigate factors driving dairy and beef feed management practices and sourcing of feed ingredients. The research not only analysed farmer approaches to ration formulation and key influences but also embraced aspects of price sensitivity, supplier loyalty and the importance of British provenance.
Research method
5 depth interviews were followed by a 100 farmer CATI survey with dairy and beef producers. We delivered a comprehensive written report and a full personal presentation of findings to company executives and staff.

An investigation of the global market for methionine & lysine in animal feed

Global chemical manufacturer.
Research objective
This research formed part of a global exercise working in conjunction with a team of fellow researchers worldwide. The aim of the exercise was to gain an understanding of the influences and decision making process for sourcing and procurement of methionine and lysine amongst animal feed manufacturers.
Research method
An initial phase of secondary research followed by recruitment of key industry influencers in this market and a series of 15 telephone depth interviews. These individuals were ‘hard to reach’ stakeholders – senior feed industry personnel around the world within global feed supply companies – we successfully completed interviews in Asia, the USA, Scandinavia and Europe.

Research into treatment and management of equine gastric ulcers in competition horses

A global animal health products manufacturer.
Research objective
Alongside our farming focus, we have significant research experience in equine markets. This project focused both leisure and competition animals in the UK and Ireland, analysing owners’ and trainers’ understanding of the incidence and treatment of equine gastric ulcers.
Research method
We conducted a series of 20 depth telephone interviews with horse vets, racing managers and horse owners.

Understanding weed management practices in grassland

UK agrochemical manufacturer.
Research objective
To understand livestock farmer attitudes to weed control in grassland.
Research method
This project involved research amongst livestock farmers comprising 3 focus groups with dairy, beef and sheep producers in Wales, South West England & Scotland.

Investigation of farmer reaction to new combine harvester technology

Global machinery manufacturer.
Research objective
The client wished to test potential user reaction to proposed novel combine harvester technology.
Research method
This research took the form of workshops in which samples of machine operators (farmers, contractors and farm employees) tested simulated versions of new combine harvester technology. The workshops were video recorded for subsequent analysis by us and use by the client.