For farmers and landowners

Traditional farming models are being challenged as producers are encouraged to more closely tailor production to consumer demand and to meet public expectations of landscape management. Provenance, sustainability, animal welfare and habitat conservation are key issues in the development of value-added products. We provide a range of services to support farmers and growers as they investigate new production systems and improve productivity in both food and non-food sectors:

Food production

  • Beef & sheep
  • Dairy
  • Pigs
  • Poultry meat & eggs
  • Arable
  • Horticulture
  • Fruit
  • Novel food enterprises
  • On farm processing
  • Food supply chain & direct sales

Non-food enterprises & natural capital

  • Forestry
  • Renewable energy
  • Field sports
  • Natural capital
  • Equestrian
  • Housing & office space
  • Heritage & tourism
  • Leisure & amenity
  • Contracting services
  • Buying & other cooperative groups

Typical services include:

  • Market research and analysis of consumer and B2B markets (local, regional, national and international)
  • Investigation of supply and distribution channels
  • Identification and research of key target B2B customers and lead generation
  • Market research support package options allowing producers to create and manage their own customer surveys (web embedded, online and traditional paper)
Summaries of some

Case studies

Branding research for a regional farmer owned dairy

Regional farmer owned dairy.
Research objective
Our client wished to understand consumer awareness and attitudes to its branding and the importance of provenance and price to customers.
Research method
We conducted focus groups followed by street & in-store surveys of shoppers. Our client wished to carry out a rebranding exercise and the research provided a detailed understanding of customer perceptions and brand associations.

Consumer attitudes to the range and price of produce available at a regional farmers market

A regional Farmers Market/The Welsh Assembly Government.
Research objective
The Welsh Assembly Government funded research on behalf of farmers into customer satisfaction levels with a weekly regional Farmers Market.
Research method
We conducted a street survey of shoppers at the market over two consecutive weeks: levels of satisfaction were gauged with the quality, range and prices of products available at the market. Areas for improvement were identified.

An investigation of members’ expectations of farmer cooperatives

A regional farmers’ cooperative.
Research objective
The traditional role of the farmer cooperative and members’ attitudes and expectations has changed over the years. This research examined expectations of farmer cooperatives with the services provided and farmers’ loyalty to them as suppliers.
Research method
The research comprised 2 focus groups, 10 depth telephone interviews and a 200 farmer CATI survey with members and non-members of a number of farmer cooperatives.